New T-Shirt and Sticker Design

Not posted in far too long… going to have do a few updates for trips from last year.

However, happy new year and all that.

Got a little fed up being down with the man flu over Christmas and decided to update a couple of my T-Shirt designs.

Below is that latest version of my “Eat, Sleep, VW Camper” shirt which I’ve also done as stickers for a few people but it’s a bit of a b*gger to make… so likely to be a limited run only. (T-shirts much easier as the logos are larger)

Eat Sleep VW California

Also knocked up a few stickers for the Cali Club forum… a good bunch of guys. both their website stickers and stickers for the Cali’s on the Farm meet in May using my Cali graphic from above.

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More VW California T-Shirts

Given the lack of VW California specific shirts… once again felt the need.

Came up with these and pretty happy with the results.

VW California Custom T-Shirt



Particularly like this one… A retro 60’s Coke feel… Simple but effective.

A few now out there with friends

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VW California Custom T-Shirt

Ok then, now I’ve picked up the T-shirt bug after doing the Kerbside one and I can’t stop.

Had a play, sketched a T5, added a roof and a few bits and away with the vinyl cutter.

What can I say? A stunning result for 30 minutes work.


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Kerbside T-Shirt – A little fun

Had 15 minutes spare and after seeing Martin and crew win a few more awards thought it appropriate…

Put together a logo and got a couple of T-shirts made up. (I’d forgotten how easy this was 😉 )


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